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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Christchurch 360 Trail: A work in progress

Section walking the Christchurch 360 Trail

One of the side projects I am working on at the moment is completion of the new Christchurch 360 Trail.

Panoramic view of Lyttleton Harbour from the Summit Walkway

 The Christchurch 360 Trail is a long-trail joining existing tracks, parks and reserves and encircles the city of Christchurch. The total length is 135 km's, and can be walked, cycled or a combination of the two.

Official map of the Christchurch 360 Trail

Map Legend for Christchurch 360 map

As you can see on the map below I have completed a fair chunk of the trail, the pieces missing are interconnecting sections of road biking for the most part. I am going to make a concerted effort to complete the trail before the end of the Summer and will post when I have finished the remaining sections.

Sections of Christchurch 360 Trail completed as of Jan 2016
Here are some photos from completed sections of the trail

Sugarloaf Hills Section

This section starts at Halswell and ends at Evans Pass road. I've done numerous walks along Port Hill tracks over the years, and also mountain biked most of them at one time or another. This is one of my fully completed sections of the trail.

I've walked up Kennedys Bush Track four times and MTB'd up here at least 10 used to be one of my MTB haunts back in the early 90's.

Near the start of Kennedy Bush Track on Kennedy Bush Spur

Mid way to the Summit Road, Kennedy s Bush Track

Below is the track finish/start up on the Summit Road, you follow the road from here around to the Sign of the Kiwi

Kennedys Bush Track, top of the track on the Summit Road
Kennedy's Bush Track is now rejuvenating after the monster wild fire we had on the Port Hills early in 2017. Most of the forest and scrub alongside the track is now gone...burnt by the fire, it is slowly being replanted.

The Port Hills wild fire, in early 2017 from the Cashmere Hills

The following are photos taken from the Sign of the Kiwi to Mt Pleasant Road.

Summit Walkway Sign part of the Christchurch 360 Trail

Governors Bay from near the Sugarloaf, Christchurch 360 Trail

TV transmitter, Sugarloaf looking South

Jon at the head of the Bridle Path

Bridle Path Sign, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch 360 Trail

Christchurch 360 Trail: Gondola terminus on Mt Cavendish

Lytelton Harbour from near Mt Evans part of the Christchurch 360 Trail
Christchurch 360 Trail, rest spot on way to Mt Pleasant

DOC track sign on Crater Rim Walkway, Christchurch 360 Trail

View to Pegasus Bay from Summit Road below Mt Pleasant

You can see more photos on my Bridle Path post and another about walking along the Crater Rim Walkway.

Godley Cliffs

I have mountain biked the section of Summit Road from Evans Pass to Godley Heads many times. Godley Heads is home to a series of World War II defence fortifications...there was a gun battery, MG posts and barracks here for the defence of Lyttleton Harbour. You should go have a look it is fascinating stuff...

The road from Evans Pass to Godley Heads

  Just as an aside...the only time they were ever allowed to shoot off the big 8 Inch gun they accidentally sank a local fishing trawler...they did not actually aim at it! Dead eye dicks all the way! Just as well the Imperial Japanese Navy never came calling...

DOC sign explaining the Godley Heads gun emplacements

One of the gun casements at Godley Heads

The official track follows the course of the Crater Rim Walkway but I'm going to call that a finished part of this section. I still need to walk the rest of the section from Godley Heads to Sumner via Taylor's Mistake.

Looking down towards Taylor's Mistake from near Godley Heads
NB: There is a DOC campsite at Godley Heads, it is open over the summer months, make a booking before you go. 


I have walked/biked the route from the Ferry Road bridge to Sumner a couple of times, still need to walk/bike the rest of this section from Ferrymead to Waimairi Beach.

Christchurch 360: The pathway along the Estuary at Mt Pleasant

Christchurch 360:One of the marking signs near Redcliffs

Christchurch 360:Sumner Beach and Scarborough Heads

Christchurch 360:Looking back towards Cave Rock from Scarborough Heads


I've walked from Waimairi Beach to the Adrenaline forest at Spencer Park, the walk up the Southern Pegasus Walkway is one of the tracks I use when fitness walking. I still need to complete the Wetlands section of the track.

Crossroads at start of Bottle Lake Plantation, Christchurch 360 Trail

Christchurch 360 marker near Waimairi Beach

Christchurch 360 Trail: the track near the old Burwood landfill

Southern Pegasus Walkway, MTB/walking track

Lunch stop on the PegasusWalkway, Christchurch 360 Trail

Entering Spencer Park on the Christchurch 360 Trail

Spencer Park surf lifesaving rooms, turn left here

Christchurch 360 route heading to Adrenaline forest

Brooklands Mouth

This section is best ridden on a bike. I have yet to complete this section although I have ridden my bike between Spencer Park and Brooklands before.

Waimakariri Braids

Another fully completed section, this used to be my haunt back in my MTB crazed days, I have ridden almost all of the tracks and gravel roads from the Waimakiriri Bridges to Macleans Island.

I go "off piste" at the end as I used to do a road cycling circuit from my flat in Avonhead, around the Airport, past Macleans Island and back down West Coast Road. This is slightly off the official route (its actually longer by 5-7 km's than the official trail), but again Im going to call it completed .

Start of the MTB track at McLeans Island

Travelling through McLeans Island forestry block

Rain swollen Waimakiriri River from the Christchurch 360 Trail

Avonhead Gardens

I used to have a bike circuit out behind the airport which took in Mcleans Island Road, Orana Wildlife Park and the Old West Coast Road. I would bike round there 2-3 times a week.  I've also walked the section from Deans Bush to the University, but still need to complete the other parts of this section.

Walking through Riccarton (Deans) Bush

Riccarton Bush is a remnant of the Kahikatea forest that once clothed much of the Canterbury Plains. If you are walking this section do so on a Saturday so you can check out the Farmers Market they hold at Riccarton House each Saturday. Real good eats.....

Riccarton Farmers Market, Riccarton House

Opawaho Divide

I have not completed any part of this section.