Huts & Backcountry Shelters I have visited

Here in New Zealand we have a network of over 900 back country huts that we can use for a minimal charge. Most of these are administered by the Department of Conservation while others are owned by hunting/fishing/MTB/alpine clubs.  

Here is a complete list of the back country huts/shelters I have visited:

North Island

 I lived in the North Island for a while in the late 1980's and early 1990's. While there I visited the following huts:

Panekire Hut, Te Urewera National Park

Hihitahi Forest Sanctuary
Zekes Hut 

 Kaimaniwa Range
Comet Hut, Waipakihi Hut, Westlawn Hut (Historic),

Tongariro National Park
 Blyth Hut, Glacier Hut, Hutt Valley Tramping Club Lodge, Ketetahi Hut, Lupton Hut

Ketetahi Hut, Tongariro NP

 Great Walk Huts: North Island

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro Northern Circuit
Mangetepopo Hut, Outere Hut,  Waihohonu Hut No. 1 (Historic), Waihohonu Hut No. 2 (old)

Te Urewera National Park

Lake Waikeremoana Great Walk
 Maraunui Staff Hut, Marauiti Hut, Panekire Hut, Te Puna Hut, Waiharuru Hut, Waiopaoa Hut,  Whanganui Hut 

Whanganui National Park

Whanganui River Journey
Downes Hut, John Coull Hut 

As part of my tramp of the Te Araroa Trail I hope to visit huts from near Hamilton right down to the Tararua's. I am also interested in doing more tramping in the Kaweka's, Ruahines and Kaimaniwa Forest Park if time allows. 

South Island

Most of my tramping is done in the South Island so the majority of the huts I have visited are also there: 

Abel Tasman National Park (non Great Walk)
 Awapoto Hut, Marahau Shelter (DOC), Pigeon Saddle Roadmans Hut (Historic) Rollo Wilkinsons Hut, Wharewharangi Hut

Marahau Shelter, Abel Tasman NP

Kahurangi National Park (non Great Walk)
Kohaihai Shelter
Arthurs Pass National Park
Andrews Shelter, Anti Crow Hut, Avalanche Creek Shelter, Carrington Hut, Casey Hut, Crow Hut, East Hawdon Bivvy, Edwards Hut, Greyneys Shelter, Hallelujah Bivvy, Hawdon Bivy (DOC), Hawdon Hut No. 2, Hawdon Hut (Old), Hawdon Shelter, Jacks Hut, Kelly Shelter, Klondyke Shelter, Lockwood Shelter, Page Memorial Shelter, Riversdale Hut (Pastoral Lease)

Standard DOC hut sign...this one is for Carrington Hut

 Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Park
John Hayward Memorial Hut, Lake Lyndon Shelter, Porters Pass Roadmans Hut (Historic) 

  Craigeburn Conservation Park
Avoca Homestead, Avoca Station Hut, Bealey Hut, Bealey Spur Hut, Broken River Hut, Craigeburn Camp Shelter, Craigeburn Rd Hut, Lagoon Saddle A Frame Hut, Lagoon Saddle Hut, Petticoat Railway Junction

Bealey Spur Hut, Craigieburn Conservation Park

Canterbury Foothills
Benmore Hut, Coopers Creek Hut, Jim Adams Memorial Hut (YHA Hut), Possumer's Hut, Townshend Hut (2nd), Townshend Hut (Main), Wharfedale Hut

Banks Peninsula
Horomaka Island Hut, Monument Shelter Hut, Mt Herbert Shelter, Packhorse Biv, Packhorse Hut, Packhorse Bivouac, Rod Donald Hut, Quail Island Shelter, Omahu Bush Hut (Pastoral lease) Otamahua/Quail Island Hut, Sign of the Bellbird

Packhorse Biv, Banks Peninsula

Nelson Lakes National Park
 Bluelake Hut, Bushedge Shelter, Bushline Hut, Coldwater Hut, Cupola Hut, Hopeless Hut, John Tait Hut, Kea Hut (NSC), Lakehead Hut,  Maud Hut, Maude Valley Hut, Prospect/Robert Ridge Shelter, Relax Shelter, Speargrass Hut, Sabine Hut, Upper Travers Hut, Upper Travers Hut (Old), West Sabine Hut 

Nelson/Tasman Area
NSG Hut (Takaka Hill)

Marlborough Sounds
Nydia Lodge

Marlborough Area - Molesworth Recreation Reserve
Acheron Rangers Hut, Cobb Cottage DOC Staff Hut, Connors Creek Hut, Dip Flat Hut, Island Gully Hut, Sedgemere Chalet, Sedgemere Sleepout

Mt Richmond Forest Park
Bills Kayak Shack (Pastoral Lease), Kahikatea Flat Shelter

Queen Charlotte Track  (QCT)
Anikiwa Shelter, Camp Bay Shelter, Bay of Many Coves Shelter, Black Rocks Shelter, Cowshed Bay Shelter 1, Cowshed Bay Shelter 2, Davies Bay Shelter

Coldwater Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve
Blackadder Rest, Cannibal Gorge Hut, Lewis Pass Shelter, Manson-Nicholls Memorial Hut (old), Nina Hut No. 2, Nina Hut (old), NZDA Palmer Lodge, Thompson Flat Hut

Lake Sumner Forest Park
Boyle Base Hut (Forest & Bird), Hope Halfway Hut, Hope-Kiwi Hut, Magdalen Hut No.2, Magdalen Hut (old), Windy Point Shelter

St James Conservation Reserve
Ada Pass Hut, Anne Cullers Hut, Anne Hut No. 2, Anne Hut (old), Boyle Flat Hut, Christopher (Ada) Cullers Hut, Christopher Hut, Fowlers Hut, Rokeby Hut,   

Victoria Forest Park
Lake Christabel Hut, Mid Robinson Hut, Palmer Hut, Top Robinson Hut

Approaching Mid Robinson Hut, Victoria Forest Park

Mt Cook National Park
Ball Shelter Hut, Mueller Hut No. 3, Stocking Stream Shelter

Mid Canterbury: Hakatere/Lake Heron/Two Thumbs Range/Tekapo
Lake Emma Hut(Historic), Limestone Cottage, Mt Somers Hut (old), Telephone Hut, 

South Canterbury
Tristram Harper Memorial Shelter, 

Mitchells Cottage, Rum Curries Hut, Sam Summers Hut, South Temple Hut, Wattie Thompson's Hut

Mt Aspiring NP

Caples-Greenstone Conservation Reserve
McKellar Hut, McKellar Lodge

 South Island: Northern East Coast
Cregan Hut, Kowhai Hut, Mt Fyffe Hut, Top Hut, Skull Peak Shelter

Mt Fyffe Hut, Seaward Kaikoura Range

North Westland- West Coast; north of Grey River
Taramakau Bus Stop Shelter, Kelly Creek Shelter, Meikles Hut, Garden Gully Historic, Garden Gully Bivouac, Taveners Hut

South Westland- West Coast; south of Grey River
Blue River (Blowfly) Hut, Coppermine Creek Hut, Cape Defiance Hut, Joe's Hut, Maori Saddle Hut,  Ross Water Race Miners Hut, Wineberry Hut

Lower Pinchester Hut, 

Fiordland National Park: Non Great Walk
 Homer Hut, The Divide Shelter, 

Great Walk Huts: South Island

Kahurangi National Park

Heaphy Track, Kahurangi NP:
 Aorere Shelter, Brown Hut, Gouland Downs Hut, Heaphy Hut No. 2, James Mackay Hut (old), Katipo Shelter, Lewis Hut No. 3, Perry Saddle Hut No. 2, Saxon Hut

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman Coastal Track, Abel Tasman NP:
Anchorage Hut (old), Anchorage Hut (new), Awaroa Hut, Bark Bay Hut, Onetahuti Beach Shelter, Totaranui Great Walk Shelter, Wharewharangi Hut

Bark Bay Hut, Abel Tasman NP

Fiordland National Park

Milford Track, Fiordland NP:
Beech Hut (historic), Boatshed Shelter, Bus Stop Shelter, Clinton Hut, Dumpling Hut, Giants Gate Shelter, Glade House, Hirere Shelter, MacKinnon Pass Hut, Mintaro Hut, Pillens Hut,  Pompolona Lodge, Prairie Shelter, Quinton Day Shelter, Quinton Lodge, Robert Allen Hut, Sandfly Point Shelter

Clinton Hut, Fiordland NP

Kepler Track, Fiordland NP:

Brod Bay Shelter

Routeburn Track, Fiordland/Mt Aspiring NP:

The Divide Shelter, Howdon Hut

Humpridge Great Walk, Fiordland NP: (from 2020-2021):

Paparoa National Park

Paparoa/Pike 29 Track, Paparoa NP (from December 2019):

Rakuria National Park

Rakuria Track, Rakuria NP:

Rakuria/Stewart Island

I have plans to walk the Rakuira Great Walk and Stewart Island Northern Circuit at some stage.

Rakuria Northern Circuit, Rakuria NP:

Total number of huts visited:182 (October 2019)

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