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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tramping Equipment: Exped Lite 500 down sleeping Bag

My new lightweight pit for thru hiking

As part of my quest to lower my tramping weight I have invested in a new lighter weight sleeping bag. This is the Exped Lite 500, a sub 1kg down sleeping bag rated to -2 degrees. This bag will be good for spring/summer/autumn use and is a long size. 

The Exped Lite 500 down sleeping bag

I would have liked to go ultra lite unfortunately bags of this type are prohibitively expensive (more than $800 NZD) or unavailable in New Zealand. We really need a local quality cottage manufacturer of light weight gear...someone like Western Mountaineering, Golite, Gossamer Gear or ZPacks.

Western Mountaineering Ultralite: rated to -7 degrees at only 880gms total weight...!

Exped Lite 500 down sleeping bag

The Exped Lite 500 is a down bag, in this case it uses 800+ lofting goose down with a anti moisture coating. The material on the bag is lightweight nylon again with an anti moisture coating. The dimensions of the bag are:

Length: good to 195cm tall (long size)...I am 193cm!
Shoulder width: 79cm
Foot Width:53cm
Weight:1 kg 
Performance: down to -2

The Exped Lite 500 down sleeping bag

Exped are a well regarded Swiss company who manufacture a wide range of outdoor gear including packs, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. I brought this bag from Bivouac as part of a clearance sale, it cost me $340 NZD rather than the usual $450.

 There is a nicely thought out baffle along the side zipper to stop heat escaping through the zipper area.

Detail of the Exped Lite 500 zipper and draft blocker

The bag has a nice neck baffle system to hold in heat, something that is missing from my current winter weight bag and synthetic summer bag. Even though I use my bags as quilts this will still come in handy. 

Neck draft baffle on the Exped Lite 500
I could have saved another 100gms if I went with the ultralite version of this bag but I tried one on for size and it was far too constricting for my oversized frame. The lighter bag is cut super tight mummy style, not my thing at all.  This bag is a good compromise between price, weight, size and durability.
Exped Lite 500: the hood arrangement

The bag has a continuous baffle system through the bag to stop down from migrating between the chambers leaving cold spots in the insulation. Here is a review of this bag on the Wilderness magazine site.

Exped Lite 500: the down fill baffle system

Exped Lite 500: detail of the internal baffle system

You also get an airing/storage bag and a sil-nylon stuff sack with this sleeping bag. 

Exped Lite 500: An airing bag and sil nylon stuff sack are included

Once I have used the bag on a tramping trip I will post some photos on this blog.

Note: I went up the Waimakiriri River to Carrington Hut in February 2018 where the new pit was put to the test and performed very well. Light, easy to pack and warm, it is going to be a winner!!!

The Exped Lite 500 at Carrington Hut, February 2018
My Exped 500 pit set up and ready to go in Speargrass Hut, February 2018