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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tramping Equipment: La Sportiva Valojet boots

New boots for new adventures...La Sportiva Valojets

I've recently brought myself a new pair of leather boots for the coming Summer tramping season. I have been wearing a pair of Kathmandu boots but as is the case with their gear they have started to fall to bits.  

My Kathmandu Barrigan boots in 2017

La Sportiva Valojet Boots

These boots are La Sportiva Valojets, a medium weight leather boot with a Goretex liner, the sole is a good quality Vibram one. The last fit is for wide feet...many of these European boot makers seem to have very narrow boots so finding some quality boots that are wide is a real bonus.

La Sportiva Valojet boot

La Sportiva is a well known Italian boot manufacturer better known for their plastic mountaineering boots but the reviews for their trail boots are very positive.

I know a lot of trampers are going away from boots and wearing trail shoes, mountain trainers or their ilk, but I actually like a pair of hard wearing leather boots on my feet. I find them more supportive and hardier on the rocky trails and river beds which characterise the Canterbury region.

My Valojet boots on my feet at the beginning of the walk to John Heyward Hut

 Specifications for these boots are:
  • Upper: Greased Full grain leather upper 2,4 mm
  • Lining: Gore-Tex®
  • Insole: Graded 5 mm Nylon + shock absorbing upper layer
  • Sole: Vibram® with Impact Brake System+ PU midsole
  • Sizes: 38 - 48 including half sizes
  • Weight: 1.550 kg per pair

Vibram soles for long life

Vibram soles are the bench mark for quality on tramping boots, they are hard wearing and technically advanced. I also like the high rand on these, good for protecting your boots from rock scuffs etc.

La Sportiva Valojet boot, Vibram sole

Choose your boots wisely...

Tramping boots are really expensive, good ones go for $400-$700 a pair. I had originally placed these boots on my wish list but removed them because they normally retail for $600.
There was a sale at one of the local outdoor stores which saw me walk away with these for the bargain price of $350.

My Valojets on the Lewis Pass Tops, December 2015

Here's  hoping they are a successful purchase.

POST SCRIPT: I've worn these on many trips now and they have performed very well. They are really grippy in wet conditions, nice firm sole, and fit well in the ankle area. 

I've switched to slightly thinner Smart Wool socks as my thicker Munds/Bridgedales are too much sock for these boots. My toes were getting constricted in the front of my boots because of the thickness of my socks.

Wearing the Valojets on the QCT in 2016

Wearing the Valojets on the track to Hope Halfway Hut in 2017

I love these boots and would buy more but unfortunately they are now out of production...a pity as they are excellent boots for New Zealand conditions.