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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Tramping Literature: A bunk for the night: A guide to New Zealands best backcountry huts

More good tramping reading!

I recently brought myself a new book: A Bunk for the Night: A Guide to New Zealand's Best Backcountry Huts. In a way this is a companion piece for an earlier work by the same authors, Shelter from the Storm also about our back country hut network.

A bunk for the night, new tramping literature
Some people are into cook books, some like books on photography, sports or gardening. I like outdoor books...I don't care what the subject is so long as it features the outdoors. I currently have 60+ books on tramping, climbing, hunting, outdoor cookery, trail skills, the Te Araroa Trail etc. etc.

A Bunk for the night...

A Bunk for the Night is a photographic essay on the authors favourite huts, it explains what makes them special and includes historical information and trail notes. It is excellent and features many of those classic huts your average Kiwi tramper visits. There are huts here from the top of the North Island right down to Stewart Island in the deep south.

Pinnacles Hut, Coromandel Peninsula is in the book... is John Tait Hut, Nelson Lakes NP...

...and also Nina Hut, Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve.

If you know someone who tramps, this would be an excellent birthday or Christmas gift. Or buy it as a memento of your visit to our fair isles. I brought mine from Paper Plus a local book store chain, it cost me $39.50 NZD which I think is a reasonable price. I have seen copies in most of the larger book stores, it is also available direct from the publishers.

East Ruggedy Hut,  Kaikuria National Park is one of the huts mentioned

The photos and general production values are great and the three authors are informative and knowledgeable. They are all well known for their involvement in Kiwi tramping/climbing circles.

 Highly recommended!

Friday, 16 January 2015

New Tramping Literature: Shelter from the Storm & Tramping: A New Zealand Story

New books about Tramping in New Zealand

One of my passions are books about tramping, climbing and the outdoors, particularly books about these pursuits in a  New Zealand context. I have a growing collection of classic tramping titles as well as guides, personal histories and biographies in my own library. Here are a couple of excellent books I received for Christmas, both with a tramping theme.

Shelter from the Storm: Shelter from the Storm:  The Story of New Zealand's Backcountry Huts

By  Shaun Barnett, Rob Brown, Geoff Spearpoint

Shelter from the storm is an older book, published in 2013, but I have been hinting that I would like a copy of it for some time, and received one this last Christmas. It is a photographic tour de force which details examples of the over 900 tramping huts scattered around the country. The authors will be well known to NZ trampers from their publishing, tramping and official roles within various tramping clubs and the FMC.
Each entry has a photo of the hut along with a short history: location,  why it was built and by whom & how it is still being used. Entries are broken down into the major period's of hut construction such as colonial, working huts, trampers huts, NZFS, DOC etc.  Interposed with this are feature articles about aspects of hut builders, the role of tramping clubs and personal anecdotes of visits to particular huts.
It is an excellent read, the photos are top notch as well as being an inspiration to get out there and visit these locations.

Tramping: A New Zealand Story 

 By Shaun Barnett & Chris Maclean

Another well received Christmas present was Tramping: A New Zealand Story, possibly the closest thing we will ever see to a comprehensive history of the outdoor pursuit we call Tramping. The authors have done an outstanding job of laying out the history of tramping in New Zealand, its legends and lore as well as the forces which have influenced it.
The book is written in chronological order starting with the early Maori migrants right through to the present day. There is information about notable personalities as well as notable events in the development of outdoor recreation and tramping in New Zealand. The text is informative and interesting and there is a wealth of fine photographs and illustrations. This is all bound together in a very attractive book for either coffee table or book shelf.

Taken together these two books give an excellent introduction to the history of tramping and back country huts in this country, I thoroughly recommend both.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tramping literature: Wilderness magazine

One of my favourite go to sources of information is Wilderness magazine. I highly recommend this as essential reading for all New Zealand outdoor enthusiasts.

This should be the bible for any tramper, mountain biker, climber and kayaker. Large format with a wealth of trip plans, gear reviews and articles about current concerns in the outdoor community. Generally available from all public libraries, or subscribe so you never miss an issue.

Welcome to my tramping blog

Welcome to my tramping blog NZ Bush Adventures!

Hi there, my name is Jonathan Moake.

Me crossing Travers Pass, Nelson Lakes NP in 2018

This is the first post for my new blog about tramping, hiking, camping, DOC huts, MTB riding, tramping food, backcountry skills, equipment, the environment, mountaineering and other outdoor concerns.

Jon Moake, at Ryde Falls in the Oxford Forest Park

 A little bit about me: Jon Moake

 I am a tramper (that's hiker/rambler to those from the US/UK) in my 40's, and I live in Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand.
Spenser Mountains, Lewis Pass SR, from the Lewis Pass Tops
I have been visiting the forests and mountains for many years, with particular attention to the parks and forests close to Christchurch, my home town. My tramping trips range from one day right through to longer periods up to a week.

One of our iconic mountain huts, Mid Robinson, Victoria FP

After an extended break from tramping I have decided to get into the outdoors again. This blog will be a record of my experiences. 

I have tramped extensively throughout both the North and South Island, from the Central Plateau volcanoes south to Fiordland.

Torrent Bay, tramping the Abel Tasman Great Walk in Sep. 2017

My main stamping grounds include Arthurs Pass National Park, the Canterbury Foothills, Lake Sumner Forest Park,  Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve all around an hours drive from my home.
I also enjoy tramping on the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula which are right on my doorstep.

Further afield I love exploring Nelson Lakes NP and the Abel Tasman NP.

Lyttleton Harbour and Canterbury from high on Banks Peninsula

Its a pleasure to have you on this journey with me.....let's see where we can go!