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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tramping Food: Nissin Top Ramen short cuts

Tramping Food: Nissan Top Ramen Noodles

I am constantly looking for convenient food to take on my tramping trips, weight, taste and ease of preparation are important. I have been making my own version of "freeze dried" meals that just need water added or minimal cooking to prepare.

I recently found these noodles which combined with other ingredients make a fine meal for a hungry outdoors man.

Top ramen noodles

Americans will recognise these Nissin Top Ramen noodles, they are a well known pre seasoned noodle for use in Chow Mien type meals. I have found a supplier of Nissin products in Christchurch; The Mad Butcher store on Ferry/Aldwin's road sell packets of these noodles for $5.00.

Various flavours available

They currently have the beef, chicken and roast chicken flavour. Here is a advertising blurb about them!

View inside the packet
As you can see the noodles are about 2cm long, and have a flavour powder on them. You follow the instructions on the pack, add to a pot of hot water and simmer for three minutes. They are then ready for eating. With the addition of meat and or vegetables they make a calorie packed meal.

Here is a recipe I have worked out using the noodles and dehydrated mince:

Jon's Top Ramen Beef Chow Mein

1 Cup Top Ramen noodles (or use any 2 minute or Rice noodles)
1 Cup dehydrated beef mince (or your own choice: salami/biltong/jerky/canned meat)
1/2 Cup dehydrated beans/mixed vegetables (I prefer Surprise dried beans if you can find them)
3 Cups water
clove of garlic, cut fine
1/4 t five spice
1/2 t dried shallots/onions + salt-pepper/soy sauce to taste

Bring water to the boil, add the Top Ramen noodles, vegetables, garlic and five spice simmer for 2 minutes. Add beef mince, simmer for 1-2 minute till tender. The meal is then cooked, sprinkle over the onions/shallots and add salt/ pepper/soy to taste. Enjoy.

I usually have the noodles, spices and beans in one zip lock bag. The mince is in a second smaller zip lock bag. I always carry a small bag of dried shallots with me to "pep" up my meals. Total cost per serving: about $5.00!

This is one of my favourites, it is tasty, slightly soupy and really easy to clean up afterwords.

Here are some other recipes using these noodles:

Update 2019: I have not seen these in New Zealand for about 3-4 years now. If you come across them where you leave then I highly recomend them to you.