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Monday, 8 February 2016

Lovely Summer Weather or LSW!

I'm due to go on a 5-6 Day tramp over Harper's Pass starting on Monday next, this track is highly weather dependant as you need to cross three major rivers on the first two days. So I thought I'd have quick look at the extended forecast......

Ha!!!!!..... Good one Jon......

Man can I pick them.....!

Next week kiddies we have a cold front coming up from the South, and if than wasn't enough we also have not one but two Tropical Cyclones heading towards New Zealand.

Here is the extended weather for next week in the Harper's Pass/Lake Sumner Region:

Saturday: Cloudy with showers
Sunday:  Showers with cloud
Monday: Rain, cloudy periods (Day i would need to cross the Otira, Otehake and Taramakau rivers)
Tuesday:  More of the same.... (at least 3-4 crossings of the Taramakau and some sizable side streams)
Wednesday: ....ditto
Thursday: Heavy rain, high winds possible
Friday: Yep, you got it, more of the same.....
Saturday: Sigh........
Sunday: Why even bother asking........!

Here are a couple of weather predictions from the Met Service and Metvuw:

Metservice weather map for Sunday 14th....

Metvuw weather prediction, Cyclone to East of NZ

In a prediction for later that same day you can clearly see the second cyclone closing on the country from the west.

MetVuw weather prdiction for next week

You have a good look at that Met Service weather map, it looks like some crazed, weather god descending to smite us....!
It reminds me of those wacked out drawings in my copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

As the old timers used to say "...Huey will be chucking it down..."

PS: I had an alternate plan to tramp from Windy Point to the NZDA hut near the Nina River. Obviously if there is torrential rain and high wind you dont want to be walking over three high 
saddles (one is 1700m ASL) which you need to on that trip.
My alternate alternate plan is to scrub the Harpers Pass trip altogether and go walk the Queen Charlotte Walkway in early March as both are sections of the Te Araroa Trail I havent walked yet. 

I'm organising this now....